The Rabondro Reserve is a 3000 hectare natural park containing a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna.

Rabondro is separated by a highway to the south, and surrounded by several communities and rice plantations to the west, north and east.

Furthermore, it is isolated from two much larger parks: the 240,000 hectare Masoala National Park to the east, and the 385,000 hectare Makira Natural Park to the north-west.

Canarium tree

Reducing forest fragmentation, thereby increasing the size of protected regions, ensures a long-term sustainable ecosystem.

"Lemurs that have a mixed diet obtainable from a larger roaming range [...] are key seed dispersers [...] crucial for the regeneration of native plants."
- American Journal of Primatology

Reforestation alone saves trees, not animals.

"... forest management projects are not enough to ensure the survival of the fauna population. ... NGOs [should] take action to include expansion of protected habitats to increase population connectivity (reforestation)"
- Biological Conservation

The Fandroakando NGO is committed to finding ways to connect the Rabondro Reserve with larger tracts of land, creating a larger roaming area for wildlife.